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The Photowalk podcast

When I'm working out or doing chores, I like to listen to podcasts. The topics are quite varied, from sports to current affairs and from true crime to the bird podcast. Now that I'm taking the camera in hand more often, I wanted to add another photography podcast to the list. I used to listen a lot to The Candid Frame, a podcast with excellent interviews and a nice voice from the presenter. But somehow I'm a bit tired of that now or rather listening to it.

But not t worry, because a few weeks ago I discovered something new: The Photowalk podcast. This podcast is hosted by one Neale James, someone who has made his mark in radio for 15 years. He has presented programs at the BBC, among other things, and that can certainly be heard in this podcast. It is clear that this man feels completely at home behind a microphone and I also like the well-known British accent. In addition, such a typical British expression or joke regularly comes along, making it very pleasant to listen to.

Don't expect any lame talk about the latest developments in cameras and other technical matters in this podcast, but attention to what it's really about: telling stories. All this is done primarily on the basis of letters sent in and photos from listeners, creating a pleasant atmosphere. There is also an assignment every month with a specific theme, to which listeners can submit their interpretation.

But in addition to the interaction with the listeners, most of the podcast is filled by an extensive interview with an interesting guest, whether or not during a walk. All in all, this results in a weekly episode, with the length varying between one and a half and two hours. This may seem a bit long for a podcast, but I have to say, the episodes I've listened to so far have seemed much shorter. In short, a varied and entertaining podcast, which can certainly provide the necessary inspiration.


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