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Camino del Norte

Three months later and considerably shorter than originally planned, we still had a wonderful time in northwest Spain for almost three weeks. While the well-known French variant of the Camino de Santiago is located a little further from the coast, we decided to follow the Camino del Norte along the coast. Less busy and also slightly less warm according to the forecast. And yes, the weather was lovely. Almost every day it was around 20 degrees with a lot of sun and this is apparently not very obvious in that part of Spain. This more northern variant of the Camino naturally also has Santiago de Compostela as its end point.

And what an incredibly beautiful coastline we saw. Super varied with idyllic, deserted beaches, rugged cliffs and beautiful bays. A few times we also drove a little more inland, because there was something to see there that interested us, such as Guernica and the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao.

The Camino del Norte successively crosses the Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia. Beautiful provinces with lots of greenery and each with its own character. I took quite a few photos on that trip. I think the selection below gives a good impression of what we saw during those weeks. Shortly before the weather turned really bad with lots of rain and a big storm, we had already turned the bus towards the east and were on our way home again. Fortunately, we still had some time to visit Las Médulas. This is an area with former Roman gold mines and definitely worth a visit. It is not without reason that it is on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

An early morning with a view of Hondarribia

Numbered balconies at the Plaza de la Constitución in San Sebastián

The Matxitxako lighthouse

The Guggenheim in Bilbao

Butt break for a lonely smoker

Beautiful light on a church portal in Bilbao

Cargadero de Dicido, former iron ore terminal

Our faithful friend Timo

Four in a row in Santillana del Mar

Santillana del Mar

Monastery roofs in Santillana del Mar

Sunrise at Playa de la Griega

Surreal industry

Cabo de Peñas

Charming fishing village of Cudillero

Blue hour in San Cibrao

Magnificent coast at Loiba

The best bench in the world (and yes, this is literally on the signposts)

Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela

Two crosses in a holy city

Great light in Las Médulas

The abbey church in St. Amant de Boixe


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