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"A new spring and a new sound."

I have no idea whether this sentence means anything to today's teenagers, but in any case, this iconic opening line of the poem Mei by Herman Gorter has always stuck with me.

Only seven words, but seven words that really appeal to the imagination. Especially at this time of year. The leaves are coming back on the trees, the birds are singing their familiar tunes again and everything is still fresh and green, especially when it has just rained heavily like today.

Last week we spent four days in Drenthe. A beautiful province with a lot to see and do, but where you can also really seek peace and quiet if you are ready for it. Going for a nice walk in (one of) the national parks is highly recommended.

While Marie-José enjoyed herself for an hour in the Drents Museum, I walked with Timo through the Asserbos. I saw spring in full swing all around me and I thought it would be fun to take some pictures of it. The third photo is of a fern about to unfold and is my absolute favorite of the three. Not a macro lens by the way, but simply captured with the versatile 16-80mm from Fujifilm.


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