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Seoul 3

On my third visit to Seoul, I had two days to hit the road. When I opened the curtains the first morning, I saw that the weather forecast was unfortunately correct. A gray rainy sky and strong wind did not bode well. Not really nice weather to walk down the street with my camera in hand for a few hours, so I had to come up with something else.

After breakfast I searched the internet for an alternative to photograph and soon I came across something that really appealed to me. On Google Maps I saw that this object was close to the airport. And because the terminals at Seoul airport are very modern and sleek, I might also be able to take some pictures there. At least I wouldn't be bothered by the bad weather.

After changing trains twice and taking the metro for almost an hour and a half, I got off at the airport. After walking around there for an hour, I did take some pictures, but the only picture that I finally found worth keeping, you can see below.

In the meantime it had become dry, so time to look for the location I had seen on the internet. After a good half hour I found it and it did not disappoint. But despite the beautiful shape and color I wanted to have a passing person in the composition and that was quite disappointing. Although there was a shopping center next to that object, I hardly saw anyone passing by. After more than an hour of waiting I had taken a number of pictures, which should contain something suitable. The two photos below appeal to me the most.

Numb from the strong, cold wind, I then dived into that shopping center. Immediately I saw a kind of colorful neon passage that screamed for a photo.

After walking around there for a while and warming up a bit, I walked back to the airport. About half way through I passed the Grand Hyatt with a visually appealing lobby. Let's see if there's anything to photograph there. Soon I saw an opportunity to make a lamp consisting of hanging glass balls look like blown soap bubbles from below. A bit abstract and dreamy.

This is what it looked like from above.

When I was back in the terminal, the clouds had broken a bit, so that the low sun brought in nice and warm light. Once I arrived at an escalator I saw my own shadow and that moment finally resulted in this photo.

The next day the weather was fortunately a lot better, plenty of sun and little wind. Tasty! I had looked up some appealing buildings in the city center the night before and wanted to see if I could capture some of this architecture in a beautiful way.

I had never set out with such a purpose before, but at the end of the day I returned to the hotel with a feeling of satisfaction. It's nice to walk down the street and look around you in a totally different way. Searching for special lines, patterns, shapes and contrasts in buildings is a fun challenge. In the end I chose the seven photos below to show here on my blog. Thank you Seoul and see you next time!


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