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Just something completely different. In August of 2022 I traveled to Swedish Lapland to fastpack the Kungsleden there. I hear you thinking: what is the Kungsleden and what is fastpacking. The Kungsleden or King's Path is the long-distance trail in Sweden. This trail runs from Abisko to Hemavan, or in my case the other way around, and is about 425 kilometers long.

Fastpacking is a combination of trail running and lightweight backpacking. Because you keep your pack as light as possible, you are able to cover considerable distances per day. My backpack including clothing, tent and sleeping bag weighed about 4 kilos.

It was a beautiful adventure with both highs and lows as expected. In the end I managed to complete this trail within a week. Despite the fantastic surroundings, the trail itself was a bit disappointing. Most of the route is in fact quite strewn with stones and rocks, which considerably limited the possibility of running. It was also a lot busier on this trail than I expected in advance. Nevertheless, I have unforgettable memories of it.

Below is a video with an impression of those seven days in the north of Sweden.


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