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A day in Zutphen

This year is the year of the Hanseatic cities. In recent years we have already visited several of these cities and now it was Zutphen's turn. Everything you want to know about the 9 Hanseatic cities in the Netherlands can be found here.

Zutphen is a beautiful, old city with a cozy city center and two nice museums that are located in the same building. One of them is the Henrietta Polak Museum. There are currently two interesting exhibitions on display there. The first concerns the 100th anniversary of photographers' collective De Zutphense.

Appealing photos taken by (former) members of the collective are exhibited in a beautiful room. For me, Lein de Nood's photos stand head and shoulders above the rest. Beautiful street photography avant la lettre. A photo of two cattle dealers negotiating the price of their cattle on the street is especially great. Became curious? Go take a quick look. The exhibition will be there until May 14.

And while you're there, be sure to visit the other exhibition with work by Bob Buys. I think it's strong if you don't get inspiration from that.

Of course I also took a few pictures myself.

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