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Seoul 1

I happened to be in Seoul three times for work in a relatively short period of time. To prevent this blog post from becoming too long, I will discuss each visit separately.

It had been a long time since I had taken a camera on a trip. And because I didn't just want to stay near the hotel, like on previous trips to Seoul, I searched the internet for something nice to photograph. I soon arrived at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, a futuristic metal structure that includes a museum, shops and exhibition spaces.

With the subway I was at my destination in no time. And from the very first moment I set my sights on the building, I was quite impressed. The flowing shapes, the metal plates that fit together perfectly, as well as the immediate environment around the building, were well thought out. I later read that the architect, Zaha Hadid, was the first female architect to win the Pritzker Prize (say, the Nobel Prize for architecture).

But as impressive as the whole thing was, it was a bit disappointing in terms of photography. And frankly, that was completely my own fault. I brought my compact Fuji X100T with me. Without a doubt a fine camera, but with a fixed 35mm lens not really ideal for architectural photography. Nevertheless, I still had a nice afternoon and moreover I already knew then that I would come back there next time, but better prepared. Below are a few photos to get an impression.

By the way, immediately adjacent to this huge complex are the remains of an ancient Korean fortress. And although the remains themselves are not very impressive, it is this enormous contrast between this old and ultra-modern architectural style that gives an extra dynamism to the whole.


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