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Relaxing Denmark

Last June we made the 'maiden trip' with our VW Transporter, converted into a camper. Exactly in the first half of June there was a very large high-pressure area above Western Europe, resulting in high temperatures. And while we initially planned to head south, we thought it would be a better idea to look for milder temperatures. At the very last minute we decided to go to the North. We had never been to Denmark before and with predicted temperatures of around twenty degrees, the choice was quickly made.

In just under two weeks we drove via the western part of Jutland to the northernmost tip of Denmark and then headed back home. Not a very long, but extremely relaxing trip along beautiful villages and towns, endless coasts with fine beaches and beautiful nature. We even spent a night on a beach that was an official RV spot. Awesome...!

In the far north lies the city of Skagen with an art museum that is very worthwhile. At the time, young painters moved to this region in search of inspiration. They found this in an abundance of plein air subjects and the local population. A true artists' colony developed there, attracting all kinds of artists.

Two weeks was of course far too short. We got a good impression of Jutland, but we had to skip Zealand, the island on which Copenhagen is located. That's not a big deal, because we still want to go to Sweden again and then we can take a closer look at that part of Denmark.


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