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Fujifilm Instax

Shortly before I traveled to Bangalore, I bought a small Instax photo printer from Fujifilm, model Share SP2.

I thought it would be a nice idea to be able to print out ad hoc portrait photos taken on the street, so that I could surprise and thank the people I had photographed.

My experience is that in India people on the street generally have no problem being photographed. In fact, sometimes they even insist on taking a photo of them. This ensures that the threshold for portraying people on the street is considerably lower.

I printed a total of 10 photos. Due to the language barrier and the fact that it still takes a while for the printer to start up and connect to the camera, I saw quite questioning and curious looks directed at me and the small printer in almost every situation. But once the photo emerged from the device and the image slowly revealed itself to the person in question, there were only smiling faces and happy reactions.

And I totally get it too. When I was a child, my grandfather gave me an old Polaroid camera. Seeing a photo appear on the spot had something magical back then and it still does today. You can have as many photos on a phone or tablet, but the moment you actually hold one in your hands, it really becomes something tangible. Those Instax photos are quite small in size and the quality is not great, but that really doesn't matter at all.

The same also applies if you print out a beautiful self-made photo, frame it and then hang it on the wall in your home. Not only is it something tangible that hangs on the wall, but you can also look at your own creation every day and enjoy it.

In short, such a relatively cheap printer is a great device to surprise others during fun occasions and to give them a precious memory. And don't think you necessarily have to have a Fuji camera to use this thing. These printers can also connect to smartphones and tablets to print photos. And there are even ready-made Instax cameras for sale, as you can see on this website.

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