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I don't remember exactly when I wrote my last blog post. But I feel that was a long time ago. Too long. The renovation at home has cost a lot of time and energy and despite the fact that there is still a lot to do, I decided some time ago to bring back some more balance between chores and relaxing in my life.

Running and photography were two hobbies in recent years, in which I had found both my physical and creative challenge. I therefore see no reason to look for something else for the free hours. And because besides photography itself I always got a lot of pleasure and satisfaction from writing about it, it was again a small step to start this new website.

There will probably also be some other topics in this blog, but it is my approach to mainly write about photography. The literal meaning of photography is 'writing with light', so a blog about photography seems like a nice combination. I am really looking forward to being creative again, although doing odd jobs at home sometimes also requires the necessary creativity.

In the meantime, I've cleaned up my entire photo library quite a bit over the past few weeks and came across the photo below.

It's a picture of the Sierra Nevada in California. I took this photo shortly after sunrise on my way to Bishop to go bouldering for two days. The Sierra Nevada is a fantastic mountain range, which is dear to me and of which I have many fond memories. And because the rising clouds and the light of a new day can symbolize the beginning of this new website, I thought it would be a good idea to publish this picture again.


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